Feel free to use the sample procedures below as a guide while creating your Transport Canada required Written Safety Procedures. They must be modified to suit your specific vessel length and species requirements. 


Here are several forms and safety checklists available to you to print and use at home or onboard your vessel.


Please take the time to browse, read, and consider the following safety tips. Some may be more relevant to your specific fishing vessel/activity than others. Some are simple "common sense" suggestions, while others are a little more complex and require some adjustment. All are important, and could prevent a serious injury or save your life! Best Practices can also be found in many of the Safety Alerts/Bulletins.


Consider a Personal Flotation Device (PFD)


EPIRBS - Things You Should Know


Immersion Suits - Be Prepared


Prepare a Sail Plan


Proper Distress Communication Can Save Lives

Safety Familiarization - It's Smart and It's the Law!

Ship Safety Bulletins - Take the Time to Read Them!

Surviving Sudden Cold Water Immersion

Safety alerts are issued periodically by a number of organizations/departments identifying hazards in the fishing industry. They come in a variety of forms, but all of them contain valuable information and should be considered. We will update this list as more alerts/bulletins are issued.

Provincial Occupational Health & Safety Division (OH&S)


Hydraulic Systems Hazard Alert


Marine Vessel Operators Alert

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in the Fish Harvesting Industry (May 2019)​

What Fish Harvesters Need to Know about Hearing Conservation (May 2019)

Working Alone Alert

Transport Canada (TC)

Transport Canada issues ship safety bulletins regularly. These bulletins include a variety of information, from regulatory updates to the identification of onboard hazards. Below is a list of several fishing industry-related bulletins, and a link to the Transport Canada Ship Safety Bulletin Registry

Adequacy of Single Cross-bar Type Hatch Covers

Fires on Board Fishing Vessels Caused by Exhaust Pipes

Flooding Detection on Fishing Vessels

Installation and Maintenance of Inflatable Life Raft Hydrostatic Release Units

Letter Regarding PFD Requirements

Maintenance of Weathertight Integrity

Safety of Small Fishing Vessels: Information About Stability Booklets

Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide

Small Fishing Vessel Safety Manual

Small Vessel Compliance Program (Orange Decal)

The Use of Passive Anti-Roll Tanks on Small Fishing Vessels


Watertight Openings and Their Importance in Maintaining Integrity

Wearing and Using Flotation Devices


Directory to Search All TC Ship Safety Bulletins

Alerts from other Sources 

Below you will find Alerts/Bulletins/Hazards from a variety of sources/jurisdictions. 

Hazards Associated with Trawling, Including Beam Trawling and Scallop Dredging (UK)