The Prevention Services Department of WorkplaceNL compiles statistics, creates publications, and provides support to prevention initiatives. Statistics are provided on numerous leading/lagging indicators, industry performance, and other measures of safety. 

Fact Sheets

Fact sheets provide annual statistics on injuries and illnesses sustained at the workplace. 

Click on the images below to see the most recent and previous fact sheets for the fishing industry.


The following is a 2017 WorkplaceNL Statistical Report on Workplace Safety in the Fish Harvesting Industry. It provides detailed statistical timelines, lagging indicators, fatality rates, lost-time incidence rates, and information on a variety of injury classes. Click on the image below to see the full Statistical Report.


2020 Annual Report



Other agencies and departments compile and sometimes publish fishing industry safety/injury/accident/fatality statistics. 


The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) provide marine statistics on their website, including the fishing industry. Click here to view the TSB's Marine Statistics Page.  

The Canadian Coast Guard also compiles Search and Rescue (SAR) statistics. These statistics include data on NL fishing industry SAR incidents, but no recent reports are currently available.  



The TSB is an independent agency of the Government of Canada, with a mandate of:


  • Conducting independent investigations—including public inquiries when necessary—into selected transportation occurrences, in order to make findings as to their causes and contributing factors

  • Identifying safety deficiencies, as evidenced by transportation occurrences

  • Making recommendations designed to eliminate or reduce any such safety deficiencies

  • Reporting publicly on our investigations and the findings in relation thereto 



As part of its ongoing investigations, the TSB also reviews developments in transportation safety and identifies safety risks that it believes the government and the transportation industry should address to reduce injury and loss.


The following are a number of TSB Reports of NL Fishing Vessels, and a link to the full TSB Report Directory. Click on the vessel to view the full TSB Report.

Small Open Fishing Vessel Pop's Pride, Cape Spear
Small Fishing Vessel CFV 130214, Placentia Bay
Small Fishing Vessel Sea Serpent 25, Little Port Head
Large Fishing Vessel Katsheshuk II 65nm NNE of Cape Freels
Small Fishing Vessel Sea Gypsy Enterprises, 67nm East of Cape Spear
Small Fishing Vessel Sea Urchin, Newman Sound
Small Fishing Vessel Cape Fin-Tose, Green Bay
Small Fishing Vessel Lannie & Sisters II, Notre Dame Bay
Small Fishing Vessel Melina & Keith II, 70nm E of Bonavista 
Small Fishing Vessel Ryan's Commander, 5nm E of Cape Bonavista

Directory of All TSB Investigation Reports



In August 2009, the TSB began a broad safety issues investigation into accidents involving commercial fishing vessels in Canada. This report sets out the process followed in the investigation, identifies why certain causes of accidents persist year after year, and provides the TSB's recommended way forward that would make the industry safer. Click on the report below to view it.

TSB Safety Issues Investigation into Fishing Safety in Canada


Globe & Mail Article on Fishing Safety in Canada - October 27, 2017

Fish Harvester Survives Cold Atlantic - Safety Must Be Priority (NL-FHSA Article)

Telegram Editorial: Lives on the Line When Fishermen Head Out to Sea - Nov 10, 2017

Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) REPORTS