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AED Draw Recipients




The initiative to equip fishing vessels with AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) for improved preparedness for marine cardiac emergencies began in 2018. In the winter 2019 issue of The Union Forum, the NL-FHSA issued a call for expressions of interest from fish harvesters working in NAFO zone 2J3KL who were interested in obtaining an AED for their fishing vessel. With the support of One Ocean and thanks to the generosity of the Hibernia Management Development Company and their partner The Heart and Stroke Foundation, 100 AEDs will be provided to those fish harvesters who expressed their interest in this initiative. 


To be included in the draw, fish harvesters had to apply and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Hold a current professional fish harvester certificate in the under 40’ and over 40’ fleet with an active groundfish license for 2J3KL

  • Agree to attend AED training delivered by an approved training provider

  • Agree to pay for the maintenance, inspection, and battery replacement of their AED


There were close to 200 applications, but as only 100 AEDs were available, names were selected by the NL-FHSA in a random draw with the support of the PFHCB and the FFAW/Unifor. In a separate agreement between One Ocean and ExxonMobile, an additional five AEDs were allocated to Ocean Choice International vessels and were not part of the draw.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation will be contacting the recipients individually to make arrangements for the delivery of their AED.

The following is a list of the recipients of the AED draw

Rom Dalton

Oswald Genge

Donald Coish

Jamie Seymour

Jamie Caines

Harold Williams

Terry Bowers

John Short

Reg Butler

Corey White

Jamey White

Rodney Mercer

Josephine Power

Nelson Taylor

Jason Hopkins

Juanita Miller

Derek O'Brien

Bill Hayden

Samuel Morris

Peter Hammond

Calvin Pickett

Earle Stone

Edward Cadwell

Dennis Chaulk

Gilbert Cadwell

Roger Winsor

Guy Greenham

Clifford Kenny

Loyola Kavanagh

Barry Kavanagh

Wade Dwyer

Chris Bath

Roy Ward

Charlie Worthman

Jason Burton

Kim Tuck

Joseph Sullivan

Wayne Hearn

Greg Piercey

Keith Smith

Jarvis Ward

Gordon Rice

Victor Morey

Terry King
Jason Gray

Dwayne Skinner

Terry Morey

Junior Ward

Trevor Jones

Craig Ryan

Chester Davis

Thomas Pye

Edwin Power

Rosalind Rumbolt

Roderick Pye

Robert Robinson

Wade Mouland

Craig Clarke

Christa-Lee Bath

Carl Hedderson

Gerard Grace

David Johnson

Paul Squires

Chad Payne

Todd Chafe

Michael Power

Eldon Petten

Nelson Bussey

Ivan Lear

Dale Kennedy

Victor Sampson

Doyle Penney

Eldred Burden

Wayne Freeman

Jim Chidley

Rodney Rowe

Byron Oxford

Rodney Burton

Ralph Rice

Davey Patey

Stanley Rumbolt

Chris Rose

Steve Ryan

Shawn Ralph

Raymond Noonan

Stephen Rowe

Roy Mangrove

Terry Baines

Kyle Anstey

Morris Anstey

Paul Snow

Paul Abbott

William Newell

Jeff Newell

Alvin Thorne

Henry Thorne

Nick Waterman

Terry McCarthy

Jeffrey Randell

Lawrence Mitchell

Admiral's Beach

Anchor Point

Baie de Verde

Baie Verte

Bartlett's Hr

Bay Bulls







Brigus South

Bristol's Hope


Burgoyne's Cove

Cape Broyle

Cape Broyle

Cartwright, Lab



Charlottetown, Lab

Charlottetown, Lab

Charlottetown, NL

Charlottetown, Lab


Deer Lake






Goose Cove

Green's Hr


Hant's Hr

Harbour Grace

Harbour Grace

Heart's Content

Heart's Content

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

La Scie

L'anse aux Loup

Lodge Bay, Lab

Lower Island Cove

Mary's Hr, Lab

Mary's Hr, Lab

Middle Arm Green Bay

Musgrave Hr

New Melbourne

Nipper's Hr

Noddy Bay


Old Perlican

Old Perlican

Old Perlican

Petty Hr

Point Lance

Port de Grave

Port de Grave

Port de Grave

Port de Grave

Port Hope Simpson, Lab

Port Hope Simpson, Lab

Port Hope Simpson, Lab

Port Rexton





St. Anthony

St. Anthony

St. Anthony

St. Anthony

St. Brendan's

St. John's

St. John's

St. John's

St. Lewis, Lab

St. Margaret's Bay










Upper Island Cove



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