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Federal F/V Safety
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There are a number of provincial regulations that govern Occupational Health and Safety in the NL fishing industry. Federal regulations have been much of the focus of fish harvesters in recent years, as Transport Canada has been introducing new regulatory requirements. However, it's important for fish harvesters to remember that provincial OH&S regulations apply to fishing vessels/workplaces as well. The provincial regulations include:


Occupational Health & Safety Act

Occupational Health & Safety Regulations

Occupational Health and Safety First Aid Regulations

WHMIS Regulations

Workplace Health, Safety and Compensation Regulations






In July 2017, Transport Canada introduced new fishing vessel safety regulations that apply to all fishing vessels that are no more than 24.4 meters in length and no more than 150 gross tonnage. These regulations include requirements on such things as stability requirements, life-saving equipment requirements, and requirements for written safety procedures. Below is a link to the new regulations, as well as links to a couple of documents to help explain the new requirements. 


Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations (TC)


TC Booklet  - Summarizing New Fishing Vessel Safety Regulations


NL-FHSA Summary of the New TC F/V Safety Regulations 





The Marine Personnel Regulations (MPR) of the Canada Shipping Act outline the training requirements for fish harvesters (masters and crew members) operating fishing vessels. The full list of regulations/requirements can be found by clicking on the link below. For more information on the specific crewing/training requirements for your vessel, please contact your nearest Transport Canada office. 


Marine Personnel Regulations (MPR)



The Professional Fish Harvesters Certification Board (PFHCB) is a provincially legislated entity responsible for the registration and certification of fish harvesters in NL (owner/operators and crew members). PFHCB certification criteria and training requirements are very important, as there are linkages between professional certification and DFO federal licensing policy in the NL Region. Most notably, only Level II certified fish harvesters are eligible to hold federal species licences, and only Level I and Level II harvesters are eligible to act as a substitute (designated) operator on an NL federal species licence.


PFHCB Certification Criteria


DFO Licencing Policy - NL Region





Canada Labour Code


Canada Shipping Act (2001)

Other Regulations
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